Our Food

Atlanta’s Taste of Greece provides a rich and varied menu prepared by

passionate volunteers who want to share their heritage - and authentic cuisine.

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Now you can enjoy Atlanta’s Taste of Greece the way Greeks do - surrounded by warm hospitality.

  • The bounty of the Mediterranean finds its way to our Festival tables, complemented by light fresh white wines, or complex reds.
  • Some of the best olive oil on the planet comes from the olives cultivated in Greece for millennia.  
  • World-class cheeses - like mizithra, feta and haloumi - top pasta dishes and Greek salads or are flambéed as saganaki.
  • Many meals start with “mezze” - small bites of delightful appetizers meant to pair with lighter wines or aperitifs.
  • For big family feasts, Sunday dinner, and village festivals, you’ll find that the acidity of lemon, oregano and garlic balance the richness in chicken, lamb, and vegetable dishes.
  • One of today’s most popular “street” foods are the Gyro and Souvlaki - served wrapped in a pita with toppings, or freshly skewered on a stick.
  • And we cannot forget dessert.  Or an afternoon cup of sweet Greek coffee and some pastries.



Wine Tasting - New for 2017

New this year to the Festival, the Wine Tasting tent offers a premium flight of four Greek wines.  This curated experience includes an overview of  thousands of years of Greek wine history, the varietals in various regions and islands, and the marvelous options coming out of modern Greece now.  For $25, the tasting features samples of each vintage, plus small plates with cheese and traditional accompaniments. 

Traditional Food Tent

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MeZze Tent Menu

Pastries and Dessert Menu

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Familiar with Greek food?  

Travelers, merchants, natives, and a variety of world empires traveling the ancient and modern geography of Greece have all enjoyed (and contributed to) the multi-layered flavors of one of Europe’s richest cuisines.

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