Our Food

Atlanta’s Taste of Greece provides a rich and varied menu prepared by

passionate volunteers who want to share their heritage - and authentic cuisine.

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Now you can enjoy Atlanta’s Taste of Greece the way Greeks do - surrounded by warm hospitality.

  • The bounty of the Mediterranean finds its way to our Festival tables, complemented by light fresh white wines, or complex reds.

  • Some of the best olive oil on the planet comes from the olives cultivated in Greece for millennia.

  • World-class cheeses - like mizithra, feta and haloumi - top pasta dishes and Greek salads or are flambéed as saganaki.

  • Many meals start with “mezze” - small bites of delightful appetizers meant to pair with lighter wines or aperitifs.

  • One of today’s most popular “street” foods are the Gyro and Souvlaki - served wrapped in a pita with toppings, or freshly skewered on a stick.

  • And we cannot forget dessert! Enjoy a cup of sweet Greek coffee and some delectable pastries.



Traditional Food Tent

MeZze Tent Menu

Pastries and Dessert Menu

Beverages Menu



Familiar with Greek food?  

Travelers, merchants, natives, and a variety of world empires traveling the ancient and modern geography of Greece have all enjoyed (and contributed to) the multi-layered flavors of one of Europe’s richest cuisines.

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