Dancing & Entertainment


Kefi is embedded in thousands of years of history - whether expansion, war, harvest or religious ceremonies - dancing marks all of it.  At a big Greek wedding, or in a small cafe in Athens, this passion and soul is expressed sometimes in dance and music.

The 2019 Atlanta Greek Festival will feature

  • Dance Performances

  • Dance Lessons

  • Band Performances

  • Choir Concert

  • Cooking Demonstration

  • Children’s Concert

Live Music by A Night in Athens and Endasi

A Night in Athens

A Night in Athens features the music of Vasili Tsoukalas, Joanna, and Nick Trivelas in a highly energetic show-case that mesmerizes audiences from the first note to the last. For more information about A Night in Athens, and to listen, visit www.greekband.com or follow the band on Facebook.


Endasi is not only our name, but the spirit of how we approach and execute our music - with intensity. For more information about Endasi, visit www.endasi.com. Be sure to visit Endasi's videos and music pages for a preview of their performances.

A Night in Athens and Endasi will be playing on our main outdoor stage throughout the weekend. Visit our Schedule page to plan your visit!

Greek Dancing, Then

You’ve probably seen or heard of Zorba, but for some fun 1960’s clips from the golden age of Greek films, try these links as well:


Greek Dancing, Now